Turning the Teacher into the School

Tools to create, collaborate, broadcast, and sell your project-based learning lessons.

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Seeking inspiring project-based learning teachers

On your own time

Enjoy the flexibility of creating educational materials the way you’ve always wanted while earning extra income.

Trusted community

Join and collaborate with a growing community of like-minded educators from around the world who are invested in your success.

Our mission is to build tools that transfer knowledge so that anyone can teach the world.

How is Eddy different?

Instead of a marketplace of static PDFs that all look the same, our platform is a simple-to-use, collaborative environment for teachers like you. We provide carefully designed tools to help you create and refine your lesson plans while generating revenue from your hard work. We’re here to support you as you help keep our community moving.

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Get creative

A home for ideas. Create the types of lessons you’ve always wanted to share.

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Find your community

Our community is here to inspire and support. Feedback from peers, who are teachers just like you, help create a productive, constructive platform.

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Earn money

Sell your lessons to parents that care about their learners and want to discover projects outside the classroom.

Join a thriving community

Are you interested in being a part of a vibrant, creative community of aspiring, current, and former project-based learning educators? If so, you came to the right place! Our community is here for you to introduce yourself to educators from all around the world. Learn, create, collaborate, translate, and more, all for free in our thriving community.

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Now and always, free for teachers

From our community, to project-based learning courses design tool, to publishing lessons and earning passive money on your own time...Eddy will always be free for teachers.

Common Questions

Become an ambassador

We are looking for passionate community members to help spread the word. Contact us at ambassadors@eddy.education.

For Schools and Districts

If you’re looking to use our services at your institution, contact us at services@eddy.education.

Ready to join the community?

Grow with us and be a part of a trusted community of project-based learning educators and thinkers.