Why do things fall?

Project Summary

Discover project-based experiences for ages 3-6, guided by you, the instructor. You and your learner will engage in conversation and activities to find the answer to the mystery of gravity with your own artwork.

Lesson details

Lesson by: Maggie

Estimated lesson duration: 25 - 35 min

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What you’ll do

Here on Earth objects and people usually stay on the ground. Can you think of something that doesn’t stay on the ground? Maybe an airplane or a balloon? We are going to explore why people stay on the ground...unless they are in an airplane or balloon.

Questions you'll answer

  • Why do objects always fall to the ground?

  • Why do some objects fall faster or slower than others?

  • Does size and weight affect how an object falls?

What to prep

  • Covered Space: An outdoor space would be best. If indoors, use household items like, recycled boxes, a sheet or shower curtain.

  • Paint and Dye: Watercolor, regular paint, or even food coloring would be fine.

  • Containers: To hold each color of paint.

  • Painting Tools: No paint brushes needed, but you will need a few objects of varying size.

  • A Canvas: Any size paper or cardboard will work.

  • A Stool or Chair: Anything you can safely stand on will do.

  • Internet access: You’ll need the internet to browse the activity.

  • Charge your device: You will be guiding your learner using your phone so you’ll need enought battery for 30-40 min.

  • Working speakers: Music is optional, but can add some fun to the experience.

Meet your teacher

Maggie Stein

Maggie - @maggie.stein

Teaching for 6 years

Maggie Stein is an educator and learner, currently working as a Pre-K teacher in Casablanca, Morocco at an international school. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up in parks and museums, out and about exploring the city. Maggie attended Gettysburg College for her undergraduate degree where, surrounded by American History, she studied Education and Folklore Literature. After four years, she missed New York City and returned home to attend Bank Street College of Education where she earned her Master’s in Museum and Childhood Education. Maggie leads her own classroom and Museum tours with the same values in which she was raised – to ask questions, to create, and to find out more.


Why do things fall?

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